Where I’m at and what I’ve learned…

14 Jul

The field of peonies are in their second year and seem to be thriving. A huge step every year is hiring help for the weeding, which I should have been on top of earlier. I about blew out my hands and arms trying to keep up by myself then placed an add on Craig’s List for farm help.
I immediately had 5 replies! I called all of them— short story short, 1 guy showed up and he was definitely the pick of the litter. We are blazing through the work now. Only down side is that he really does show up at 9 am SHARP, and I have to get myself cracking to keep up. No more second cup of tea with the chicken……
When we finish fertilizing (with my special K blend) then we will mow between the rows and everywhere, again–I’ve done this twice so far–then I am hankering to do some experimenting with a home blend liquid nutrient boost. My high tunnel needs this treatment too–but more on that project later. (ahh the high tunnel…..my step child…….)
These are the sweetest days of summer and when I close my eyes I just see horsetail (equisetum) must. rip. out……..
The John Deere is giving me fits by refusing to hold a charge, just when I need it the most. It has had problems with the battery before, and we’ve replaced terminals on it last year…this battery is only a few years old. The tractor is 3 years old, WTH? Nothing runs like a deere, oi.
It’s 10 pm and I’m going out in this beautiful golden light an do something productive, even if it’s just to say goodnight to my chicken.

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