August 23, 2011–Vases of Peonies everywhere!

23 Aug

At a time when most growers here in Alaska are finishing up the harvest, I am just now logging my first ready cuts!  It remains about 53 degrees out, so the buds are slowly developing, which works for me.  The smell of heavenly peony drifts on the air.    My French variety “Marie Lemoine” just won the People’s Choice award at the Alaska Peony Growers conference.  I think it would have been a hard choice between the “My Love” and “Marie Lemoine”; they both were gorgeous.

It was a great APGA conference!  I filled a note book with information and met other growers–even out of state growers that braved the rain and storms to join us.
I had woken up to wind whipping the trees and rain slashing down…oh no….

The first farm tour of the day was ours.  I imagined the Coral Charms laying in the rows, beaten and subdued.  Well, it wasn’t quite that bad, the rain lightened up and we fit everyone in the high tunnel for our presentation.    Mike held them all captive with his charm, style..and humility.

He was the guy that heard Carol Adelman say “If you want a $100 dollar plant, you have to dig a $100 hole.” and said “That’s my kinda girl!”    Well today he said “We’ll show Carol! We dig $200 holes!!!”

Speaking of, it’s out to the new field to pull alder roots, clean and smooth is what we like.

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