Storming September

20 Sep

Today is September 19 and the second hurricane force wind storm this month. I hope this isn’t a prelude to the coming winter.

It’s funny how a small thing like one single chicken can be such a presence. I hear the silence now, like after my dog passed. That’s when I got chickens again- I couldn’t stand not having something to talk to!! Well Chicken Noodle turned out to be quite the chicken. My husband called her “The Buddha Chicken”, she came when called and answered back. She was abit demanding, building herself into a frenzy-squawking like a guinea fowl if someone didn’t go talk to her. We were hanging in the garden in the sun, turning dirt, unsuspecting. A neighbor’s runaway husky came lurking. In a second the husky had her but dropped her when I screamed profanities. Did I ever mention that I hate huskies? Always have. They are stupid dogs, blood-thirsty and bred for one thing and it isn’t pets. People come to Alaska and get a husky for the same reason they get their Xtra Tuffs; to wear them. It’s about the stage and the show, and it’s bullshit. They no more know how to own a husky than to throw a bowline. Same goes for you assholes that own pit bulls.
Does this rant make me feel better? No.

Well, I can’t just leave on this ragged note.  I have to add that my Coral Charm peonies won a People’s Choice award at the Society of American Florists in Palm Springs on the 17th of September.   Thanks to Steve Kennicott for asking me if I would like to enter the Outstanding Varieties display at the SAF convention. I chose the Coral Charms because they had those huge buds with so much promise in them and the color is perfect for September; hot orange-pink buds that work their way toward coral pink then peach, then paling to soft golden yellow.  How can you go wrong with that much movement of color?    I was thrilled that they opened so beautifully!  Just the week before those poor stems were being whipped and battered by 30 knot winds coming over Kachemak Bay, by way of the Gulf of Alaska.  We stubbed in T-posts and wire tied Type-R down the rows to give them some protection from the storm.   Being a natural pessimist, I just knew something would happen before the flowers made it to the show.  As ever, I was proven wrong and it all was just fine.

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