cold thick mud

1 Nov

Thank you to the gods and goddesses that sent this reprieve of sun.  I nearly lost my sense of humor. One more hypothermic day rolling around in the thick greasy mud, man-handling mired wheelbarrows of sodden dirt, an extra five pounds of mud on each rubber boot— well I would have probably just kept on going, cuz what else are you going to do anyway?

One Response to “cold thick mud”

  1. Lori A. Jenkins December 17, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    I felt right there with you, after reading your comments, I felt too, the weight of wet soil on my feet. What I do here in North Georgia is try to scrape it off on shovel sides, or anywhere it will free it self from weighting my legs down. I can feel this because I remember so clearly meeting you last summer at your farm. I saw the care you gave each plant. Wayne has been working in Homer since mid Nov. as the executive director of Cook Inletkeeper. I am arriving Winter Solstice to feel the darkness begin its release, just for the Holidays, then I return to work in GA. I know for sure I will spend Summer in Homer. I will try to reach you soon. I hope you remember meeting us. Stay warm, Lori Jenkins

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