A world without color….

26 Jan

You’d think would be uninspiring. But like the fine black and white photograph it is; it is soothing, enchanting, ethereal. The snow keeps coming down and the temp has been below zero or near now for weeks. I can just see the garden fence tops, the snow would be over my head in some places.
This is the time of year to turn to searching out new peony varieties for the coming season. It fires up the blood to set to dreaming about new additions to the fields. (As well as helps to keep me from wondering how long it will take for all this snow to melt.) New colors! New forms!
Who knows what magic can be found in the little known nurseries both here and in Europe. The soft white backdrop of these January days makes the seeking and selection of new members of our family of peonies so vivid. I don’t think it’d be the same in summer. Summer here is 20 hour daylight and a sensory ambush of color and sound. The buzz of busy.
I found a web page from a gardener in Moscow, with lovely photographs of the 300 or so peony cultivars in their gardens.
Many were new to me; yumm.
The high-tunnel is trying to shed it’s load from last night, is that 4 or 5 inches? Soon there will just be no where for the snow to go and it will just go up, up, up. Poor moose.

High tunnel, 35X60

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