High Tunnel Heaven

6 May

The salmon season kicks off this year on May 17th. I should have less than a foot of snow left lingering and loitering around here when the salmon show up. I’ve been spreading garden lime and sand, black dirt and mud, anything that will help. Last year our son came home and was so enamored with the Kubota that he blew the snow off the entire yard while we were away. Ahhh, was that nice. This year there’s too much snow and it’s too heavy for those fun and games.
The wood stove ash I spread during the winter on the fields has helped melt out spots where I can see the rows. It’s going to be along time before I see any pink sprouts. 😦
Thank the heavens for that High Tunnel. And in the same breath, thank the heavens for the wisdom that enabled the NRCS to fund all these delightful, happy gardeners with their high tunnels. It will change the way Homer eats and uses it’s food forever-because there is no going back. Once you experience warm earth and tee shirt weather inside your high tunnel in April in Alaska, see those sprouts of asparagus and returning herb plants, the leaf of your apple tree unfurl, well you are addicted. You are converted. You are enthralled. Spring will never mean the same thing again. It won’t evoke memories of icy mud and slushy weeks of sleet, of cold cramped fingers; it will mean the smell of warmed earth and joyful living plant life, all there waiting for you. All months before the outside world even sees the sun on the earth.


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