12 Oct

  I’ve decided that the best thing to do is put this summer right in the compost pile. Some good stuff still in it but for the most part, the rest is ready for the pile.
It’s freezing at night and almost freezing during the day, but we aren’t complaining because at least there has been sun for 3 or 4 days running! We just finished pouring the slab for the Shop-Mahal, just finished cutting all the peony fields, just about finished the late fertilizing program for the peonies, just finished clearing out the high tunnel, just finished the chicken pen in the high tunnel (new idea this year), just about ready to put the commercial fishing boat up for winter, just about done harvesting the kitchen garden, coulda done more, coulda done better, coulda slept more, shoulda rode my bike once, shoulda cut the rhubarb, shoulda picked the currents before they froze, speaking of: shoulda picked raspberries this year, and shoulda wrote more on my blog: I missed it.

OH! One more shoulda: I shoulda named this blog post “And the light leaves!” (since the last blog post was “And the light returns..”

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