Winter White Sale!! Come and Get It! Take it! It’s FREE! (She said to Spring)

20 Feb

  Today we woke to a nice steady snowfall that retreated to bright sun and dripping eaves.  Hooray.

Liquid vitamin D, put away the knives, ear plugs and bottle of booze baby, things are gonna get better.  And do please stop packing, I can’t write with all that muttering and whining going on.  If you’re going to pack something, how about the washing machine with your dirty clothes?

Ok, so really it’s not that bad, but everything is better with alot of humor on it.

I made a list of new peony roots I hope for, I sent them in to their prospective agents and am waiting for a reply….not very patiently.   You know, peony planting is much like child birth….as time goes you don’t remember so much the wrenching spasms of tearing tissue, the bruised body and frightful expense; you’re ready to do it again! Hey!  Maybe we’ll wait a week and see if the feeling passes.



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