Holy cow, it’s a scorcher!

13 Jun

Summer arrived this year like it broke out of jail. No casual stroll, no leisurely chit-chat; summer pounced. The last thinning snow piles withered under the ray-gun eye of the sun. I don’t remember ever having a spring/summer arrive with such purpose before. We’ve had weeks now of dry clear skies, it’s just not done in these parts. The girls I hired to help here at the farm are from Missouri and Michigan, both giggle at my proclamations of the day being “a scorcher!”.    They mimic me and fain heat stroke.    Ok, so it’s 70, but to me it feels like 90, I swear!  I even have a sun burn to prove it.
Today I look out at a white frothy foamed in Bay. I see the snow swiped peaks across the bay but the water is beneath all that white. Poor souls down there. To be robbed of even one of these glorious days is criminal.
Especially after the past few years of desperate anemic summer temperatures.
I’m off to pot up some lovely ladies to sell at the Homer Farmer’s Market. What an amazing vibrant community event our Farmer’s Market is; no community should be without one of their own. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera to capture the festival feeling, the friends and neighbors and fabulous produce!   My biggest challenge will be capturing the taste of the fresh baked pastries on film, it may take several tries.

2 Responses to “Holy cow, it’s a scorcher!”

  1. heather June 16, 2013 at 7:23 pm #

    Are you watering? It seems so dry I wonder of my first years over off Ohlsen Mtn road.

    • chillyrootpeonies June 23, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

      just got your question..days later… I keep checking the moisture in the soil, for me I see it’s damp enough about an inch down so I’m not too concerned yet. peonies can handle drought pretty well but it depends on what you see in your soil. Do you see a darker damp soil underneath that powdery dry soil on top? I don’t have a waterline set up yet through the fields and the thought of hand watering gives me corporal tunnel…… We had one good down pour so far.. if I had my wish I would be pouring compost tea fertilizer on my plants (through a drip line)

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