I didn’t fall off the Earth but damn near…

1 Jan

So all those good intentions to update this blog more con-sist-tant-ly came to not. So much transpired through the summer, I’ll try to tackle it in little shots. Just like you tackle a good bottle of tequila.

The replacement hightunnel cover we ordered came promptly and we wasted no time in getting that thing put up. Sola Wrap comes in 4 foot widths, just right for 4 foot rafters, that you attach channel guides to slide the Sola Wrap panels along– up and over the hightunnel. We hired a good friend to help us with his crew and equipment. It went up easily after we figured out the little nuances….. and put 2 agile not-afraid-of-heights youngsters up in the rafters to guide the process.
In just 4 days the buds on the apple and cherry trees started to swell, leaves reached out to the heat and sun and BOOM, bees showed up to pollenate away. I opened the door during the days to let all comers breeze thru then closed it at night. The BEST thing I learned from this is—— that by having the roof off snow came in (good) heat didn’t accumulate (good)
kept the trees from breaking dormancy too early (really good) so when the bees arrived the trees were blooming and ready! In the past the trees bloomed before the snow melted off outside so I struggled to act as the pollinator, with my trusty crane feather– not so successful. We had a glorious crop of sour cherries and apples filled our trees. They are young trees (3 yr.?), some came into production and some didn’t. The dwarf varieties didn’t produce. I added 3 plum trees this summer, 2 varieties. I’d name them right now if I had rapid recall, but alas, I need to dig that info out.
It is an indescribable wonder and joy to me to see my own fruit trees bloom and produce actual fruit. I know there are many people and places where this phenomena is common place but not for me , only ever in my fantasies. Only in the photographs of places far away and magically warm and golden with sunlight, where only beautifully coiffed persons ate BBQ daintily at their white table-clothed picnic tables in the patioed backyard.
Even their orchard trees spoke three languages; (Latin, English and of course it must be French. (Espalier! Mon Dieu!) Only in those places, where ever that was. In my world, Rugosa roses didn’t survive winters, annual flower buds froze before they bloomed, don’t even think about sunflowers! But to be fair and accurate, we lived in an abundance of wild berries and flowers– that were not represented in any gardening magazine I recall.
Now, this day is the first day of 2015, an appropriate time to recognize the
amazing evolution, indeed- gestation, of my life, of this land around me and of this world around this land around me. Oh! The places we’ve been! And Oh! The places we’ll go! My job is just to make sure I keep this space as healthy and thriving as I possibly can so it can carry on into it’s future when my time ends here. That is really, the job of every living soul here….

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