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January Just Once a Year

12 Jan

 Making plans, setting goals, finishing projects, rince and repeat.
The weather has been fairly brutal, high winds howling and icy sleet falling. This morning I was up early to a pretty ice fog and frost calming the breaking day.
Good day for plans, making sourdoughs and fried bananas and a good coffee from Homer Town.
I spent some time in the hightunnel pruning the apple trees and the over large shrub roses. We had hauled about 11 yards of composted horse manure from our neighbors, it’s frozen but still; there it is in it’s good black richness, waiting.
imageWe have the opportunity to get ground fish waste from the cannery soon, we contemplate pouring it over the horse manure- since everything else is frozen, and just what that would mean? Might be a good idea to have a plan to cover the whole mess, with kelp? with saw dust? Might be a GREAT time to go on vacation too. ­čÖé
Back to my flower list, whether to add/replace more peonies and a few more small hightunnels. I’m pretty sure I could use more cherry trees!image


We ran away to the South Pacific!

17 Apr

20140417-104213.jpg20140417-103738.jpgI’ll admit it wasn’t a bucketful of practical, but we ran away to the South Pacific. We left every thing to fend for it’s self while we walked barefoot and swung in hammocks. The wind howled while we floated in the salty tide and collected beautiful purple spiral shells and turned brown. The snow piled and melted while we ate coconut and papaya and drank warm beer with new friends.
On the bluff here in Alaska, the darkness and cold wind shuttered everything inside. In the islands of Vanuatu, the doors open wide, the warm soft night breeze stirred our hair while we stirred our pineapple daiquiris. Maybe the coyotes howled , I don’t know, but the birds sang in raucous joy every morning in Vanuatu.
There is a part of me (a gift of my parents) that whispers in my ear “This is not very practical, you could be buying that irrigation pump; remember that compost tea brewer that was so expensive? Well…..”
Yes, well. I can say that it is a struggle to balance all the wants and needs of one very short life. A little bit here, a little bit there is my default setting I guess. A little bit exotic travel, a little bit digging in the dirt and hunter-gather. It is by no means an equal proportion…. Yet. We have met many travelers that have told us “I wish I would have done it the way you are and started while I were younger.” It occurs to me that we haven’t met anyone yet that said they wished they would have saved all they could and waited for retirement to travel, see the world and learn. Maybe we should be experiencing the world while we are young so we can apply the knowledge all through our lives?
As it happened, our high tunnel roof tore in high winds while we were away; not shred but like a seam down the peak- it separated. The high tunnel looks like a skeletal whale eroding out of the tundra. We still have snow on the ground, slushy tired snow, so we’re not planting early this year. Instead we are researching a new cover.
In a greenhouse grower’s magazine we came across an ad for a bubble wrap covering that looked intriguing. Here in the states it’s called Solawrap.
Here in Alaska, it’s $1500 to barge the material to us. (One round trip airline ticket to the South Pacific). The new covering will be north of $4500 (45 days of high living in a bungalow which includes meals or purchasing 20 dugout canoes with outrigger). The hardware is separate (coconut crab for two?).
We pull on long johns and wool socks, find a matching pair of gloves, wonder where we left our favorite wool caps and know exactly where our sun glasses are. Back to it.
Next up, WTH is Solawrap and will it hold in category 3 cyclones?



The limits of January

19 Jan

Good thing for sick days, or I’d get nothing done. This is the second time I’ve been knocked down in a month and I’m about done with this sniffly, drooping mope-orama. At least it’s a good time to write, as long as the delirium keeps telling me I’m a pretty fair writer.
It’s dark still but it sounds like the weather feels like I do; soggy, complaining, confined and pushing at the door. I had PLANS, damn it.
I decided to clean my closet! Actually it was my whole house but I started with my bedroom. ┬áThe half empty drawer I took out of the dresser is still on the┬ábedroom floor, a few stacks of de-selected clothing too, two days ago. The Christmas tree is still looking festive- if a bit dehydrated. I should take him down. A few ornaments slip to the floor in the night, I assume an earthquake. I make sure I praise it’s Noble beauty everyday. You neverIs that vitamin D I spy over yonder? know- some day I may be it and it may be me, for all we know of time and space and consciousness and reality. If I had to be a Christmas tree, if that were my fate, I would at least like to be acknowledged for it.

I try to focus on spring duties, projects and plans. I have a few notebooks of inspirational lists and reminders. In fact there must be one on every flat surface in this house. How’d that happen? They’re being buried by balls of crumpled tissue paper.

I’ve concluded January is the perfect month to accept my limits. ┬áMy body’s limits, my limited time and my limited attention span. ┬á I feel better already.