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January Just Once a Year

12 Jan

 Making plans, setting goals, finishing projects, rince and repeat.
The weather has been fairly brutal, high winds howling and icy sleet falling. This morning I was up early to a pretty ice fog and frost calming the breaking day.
Good day for plans, making sourdoughs and fried bananas and a good coffee from Homer Town.
I spent some time in the hightunnel pruning the apple trees and the over large shrub roses. We had hauled about 11 yards of composted horse manure from our neighbors, it’s frozen but still; there it is in it’s good black richness, waiting.
imageWe have the opportunity to get ground fish waste from the cannery soon, we contemplate pouring it over the horse manure- since everything else is frozen, and just what that would mean? Might be a good idea to have a plan to cover the whole mess, with kelp? with saw dust? Might be a GREAT time to go on vacation too. ­čÖé
Back to my flower list, whether to add/replace more peonies and a few more small hightunnels. I’m pretty sure I could use more cherry trees!image