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Oh, my heart longs for the gentle warmth of spring sun.

15 Apr
wishing for spring

wishing for spring

May, icy sweet

3 May

The snow is still most stubbornly with us. Either you can skim on top or you punch through past your knees. May.
We have just returned from an adventure to the Southern Hemisphere, Ecuador. For a month we indulged ourselves with brilliant food, brilliant color and brilliant scents; that is how I remember it. Every thing seemed to dazzle.
I learned that Ecuadorian communities and agriculture are striving to become better stewards of their land and of their people. There are whole communities that have reinvented themselves with organic farming, wild crafting and handcrafting. They run community owned hostels that give tours of the many community’s businesses. They have lifted themselves out of poverty where 50% of the children under 5 didn’t live to see 6. To be sure, they had visionaries to lead the way, but the whole community had to make it continue.
We toured a rose farm (of course) that was eager to show off their facility; and they had a lot to be proud of. The warehouse was clean and bright and big.  They had large posters listing the commitments to fair labor practices and the employees rights, beside one of Claudia Shaffer and roses….

We saw boxes of wrapped roses of every wonderful color ready for shipment to Whole Foods in the U.S.   Others were going to Europe and to Russia. One batch of crazy neon tie-dye roses were heading for Thailand, the foreman just looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said “They like them that way…”  They color the roses the same way you would color a stem of celery: colored water in the vase. I had found an indigo blue rose at the hostel we stayed at; but the whole thing was deep blue, the leaves, stem, petals, all of it. When I clandestinely lifted the stem from the bouquet it stained my fingers inky. That one must have been touched up with an airbrush….like a model in Victoria’s Secret.
All the intense color of Ecuador has to sustain me now as my world is again white. This time I see patches of brown and an international orange life ring poking out of the snow. Yard art doing it’s duty to brighten and make curious the world.